Ball - Silver Medical Titanium - 5mm


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Elevate your collection with these Blomdahl's Silver Ball Earrings. They are a perfect blend of luxurious appearance and hypoallergenic comfort. Designed for silver enthusiasts with sensitive skin, these earrings feature a shimmering silver-colored coating on pure medical grade titanium. The shimmering, silver coating does not come into contact with your skin. It simply enhances the lovely, silver appearance of the earrings. 

Encased in our Clean Pack bubble, the silver hue studs are delivered in unhandled, hygienic condition, as confirmed by our seal of authenticity.

To maintain the luster of the silver coating, use a soft cloth with mild & colourless soap and lukewarm water for cleaning.
Then make sure to dry them. Avoid alcohol or peroxide which can damage the finish.

Note: Sold as a pair only. Please be aware that due to hygiene standards, we do not accept returns on earrings once the packaging is opened.

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